Muridjil (134cm x 100cm)


Size (tile pieces): 125 x 94
Size (length / width): 134cm x 100cm
Total Area: 13512 cm2


Premade Artwork

The premade artworks come delivered finished and ready to install, they consist of multiple mosaic panels each of which is numbered for easy installation. All the hard work has been done for you, this is a fantastic way to add style and flair to any part of the home or business.


The display options are entirely up to you. With our flexible nylon mesh backing you can lay the mosaic tile panels into cement and proceed to apply a grout. With our mosaic kits; the tiles are lose and you could simply place the tiles directly into cement. You can use our tiles indoor or outdoors, wet or dry areas, sunny or shaded positions, our tiles are UV stabalized and they will not chip, crack or fade over time. You could use your artwork in an outdoor water feature, entry foyer, or in the bathroom as a feature amongst all white tiles, or in the kitchen. You could mount the artwork onto a solid piece of wood / perspex and frame the artwork to hang on a feature wall. Our tiles are very versatile and the applications are endless.

Note: We recommend you seek advice from a professional tiler to ensure proper installation.

JH Mosaics Tile Features

* Tile Dimensions are 0.97cm x 0.97cm
* Glazed tiles have a curved surface
* Micro Size tiles achieve greater detail
* Huge range of colours
* Suitable for indoor / outdoor use
* Suitable for wet areas
* Chemical resistant


* Artwork sizes can be adjusted to accommodate specific dimensions
* Width / Height specifications may vary depending on gap between tiles