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Pool Mosaics

I got thinking recently exactly how many pool mosaics designs that we had supplied for customers. And I almost lost count, so in an effort to share these fantastic pool mosaic designs I thought I would post some of the images.

Transform your swimming pool with these amazing pool mosaic designs. The detail that you can achieve with our ceramic mosaic tiles easily surpasses any other products on the market. Just have a look for yourself. These designs are usually incorporated by professionals into the pool itself, we only supply the tiles. The mosaic designs really bring life to your pool, and the kids will love them too.

JH Mosaics tiles have a curved surface, no sharp edges, no unpleasant feeling underfoot. Our tiles create a comfortable surface that is safe and will not fade, chip or crack. It can be a very exciting opportunity to add some unique styling and colours to your pool.

The great thing about mosaics is that they can be added even to an established pool as part of a renovation. Choosing the right colours, murals and designs can make all the difference to your personal oasis. The reason our mosaic products are so successful is that they are micro in size and therefore can be used to create much more details designs. When it comes to pool mosaics, the effect is simply stunning and one that will be lasting for many years.

We specialise in striking designs that will make your pool stand out from the crowd. Just have a look at these examples below. We can ensure that your mosaic panels arrive safely ready to install. Our mosaic patterns cannot be beaten in terms of detail. There is nothing else on the market that even comes close to offering the quality and reliability that our mosaic tiles offer. We can provide you with a no obligation free quote. Please provide your pool dimensions and send us some ideas of your pattern or design. Our tiles are not just limited to pool mosaics, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes, visit our tiles page above.

These examples only serve to illustrate the possibilities, any outdoor tiles design, any image can be converted into a mosaic design.

Sample Images for Pool Mosaics