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Outdoor Mosaic

Our mosaic products are all suitable for outdoor applications. We have seen our tiles used on fountain features, decorative paths, outdoor seating, swimming pools, wall features, etc. Do you have a dull spot in the garden? Do you wish you could bring light and colour to that area whilst enjoying the art of mosaics? We have the answer, all of our ‘do it yourself’ mosaic kits come complete with all of the materials needed to create your own outdoor mosaic masterpiece.

Do you want to learn how to mosaic? We have several information pages that will step you through the process.

Do you want to use our FREE service to submit your digital image? We can let you know how it will look in mosaics.

Our mosaic tiles create incredibly detailed and vibrant pieces that you will be proud to display anyway indoor or outdoor. You do not need to be a mosaic artist to appreciate the many uses of these versatile miniature tiles. We have clients that have enjoyed working on outdoor furniture, outdoor features and outdoor areas.

There are many kinds of outdoor mosaic tiles,  some level of protection against the elements is essential. You do not want your tiles to fade, chip or crack, many manufacturers fail to mention this to you when you purchase brand new tiles in the shop. Fortunately JH Mosaics have you covered, our tiles are even chemical resistant, giving them protection against all possibilities in an outdoor environment.

Outdoor mosaic and the art of using ceramic tiles outdoors has become much more popular in recent years. People are tending to spend much more time in their backyards, money and effort is being spent on turning a dull corner into an attractive oasis. Using micro tiles such as the ones we specialize in means that intricate details can be achieved, no other tiles can come close to our products because of this reason. We hope to have inspired you to spend more time getting creative outdoors, perhaps the perfect escape for you would be a mosaic kit from JH Mosaics.