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Mosaic Tile

What is a mosaic tile and how can it be applied and used as an art-form? What is mosaic?

Mosaic tiles are usually made from glass or ceramic, they can be big or small, and are available in all the colours of the rainbow. The tiles can be glued onto flexible nylon mesh for easy application and transportation, they can also be applied directly to wet concrete. Both methods are suitable for flat or curved surfaces.

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Our ceramic mosaic tile range all have a 3d glazed surface, meaning the surface of the tile is rounded. This both protects the underlying colour and also seals it from oils, chemicals, residues, etc.

Some customers decide to use our micro mosaic tiles in the traditional way throughout kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas. But its becoming more commonplace to create stunning contemporary mosaic artworks, these can be used as a feature wall both indoor and outdoors. Each mosaic tile is placed precisely according to a computer generated ‘map’, once a single section is finished, the artist moved onto the next ‘panel’. A number of panels are used to form the final mosaic artwork.

It is possible to create complex images using our tiles, because they are micro in size, many detailed designs and patterns can be created. The possibilities are endless, our tiles are the most suitable for mosaic pictures, because they are only 1cm x 1cm in size, the level of detail that can be created is astonishing.

Any colour scheme is possible, you can view our 60 available colours, these colours are used in combinations to create accurate shade gradients in deatiled images. We also supply these tiles both to wholesale customers and privately for hobbyist mosaic artists, all of the colours are available in our shop.