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Mosaic Software

Mosaic software refers to the recent creation of computer software that enables the artist to generate mosaic patterns and designs from digital images.

This type of mosaic software usually requires several inputs before a mosaic pattern can be generated. Firstly the artists mosaic tile colour spectrum needs to be loaded. Images are uploaded in the form of uniform colour swatches, each representing a coloured mosaic tile.

A digital image is then loaded into the software, the program analyses each pixel in the image and applies the relevant tile colour. The analysis algorithm is complex and many variables can be adjusted and fine tuned in order to suit the artists tile dimensions, shapes and colours.

Neighboring colours in the image; depending on the mosaic tile sizes, can often be bundled together and formed as one tile. The smaller the mosaic tile dimension, the clearer each colour gradient will be.

The resulting digital image is an exact replica of the original, with one distinct difference, it is now illustrated using mosaic tiles. Each mosaic tile will be visible in the image; the mosaic software has chosen the closest match tile to represent each part of the picture.

The mosaic image is typically accompanied by a matrix of colour code information, this is to say, each tile in the generated image is represented by a colour code the artist has specified for each mosaic tile.

The matrix is generally best viewed as a Microsoft Excel file, but other formats such as csv (comma separated values) are also widely used. The generated image will need to match the desired outcome. Dimensions, grout lines and detail all need to be considered.

Perhaps the mosaic image lacks edge detail, depth of colour gradients, and is generally not how you wish for the final mosaic artwork to look. In these situations most software packages let you adjust these definitions so that the final mosaic digital image looks exactly as you require.

Mosaic software technology such as this is relatively new, modern mosaic artworks created using this kind of software appear to be picture perfect.

Each tile is positioned exactly where it needs to be, nothing is left to chance. The placement accuracy makes a huge difference to the overall level of detail and most importantly its very cost effective.

The traditional mosaic artist can now order the exact amount of tiles from the supplier. Rather than guessing which colour quantities might be required for a project, the software can provide precise numbers.

This software helps bring striking pattern based mosaics to the hobbyists and enthusiasts. The art of creating impressive mosaics is no longer held exclusively with  specialist mosaic artists. It must be noted that correct mosaic techniques such as direct and indirect tile placement still need to be followed, this software only serves to generate the mosaic pattern.