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Mosaic Pictures

Mosaic pictures describes just one of the FREE services that we offer. Have you got a favorite family photo? Have you got the perfect picture of your pet? We can take any of your digital photographs and turn them into mosaic pictures.

“Add a touch of colour to your life” with our micro mosaic tiles. As you can see these designs look great anywhere around the house or as a feature in a commercial premises. Our tiles are micro in size, the level of detail achieved in the final mosaic artwork will astonish you. No other mosaic product on the market can look this good.

The process is very simple and its free!

1) Submit your image using our contact form (no copyright material)

2) In the email, specify your final dimensions that you require the final artwork to be.

3) We will send you back a mosaic photo based on your original, only this time, they will be in mosaics.

4) If you are happy with the design you can purchase one of our mosaic kits.

Have you ever been captivated by the sight of a beautiful mosaic and wished that you could create a mosaic masterpiece
of your very own? Do you have a picture or a photograph that you just know would make a gorgeous mosaic tile pattern?

You have several options to create your own mosaic pictures:

The mosaic images below are exactly what you would receive, they are the same as the original image, however this time, they are transformed into mosaics.

This is a FREE service, why not give it a try?