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Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic patterns are images or repetitive illustrations created from mosaic tiles. A mosaic pattern can be created in a number of ways, generally a pattern suggests multiple tile sections that are placed together to form a single artwork. Mosaic tile patterns can be created using our custom panels, each panel measures 30cm x 30cm, these panels are placed together to form one or more larger mosaic art patterns. Also known as mosaic tile patterns, these single panels are created one at a time using an overall design concept that links them together.

mosaic-tile-panelsWe sell a number of different mosaic designs patterns, more precisely we provide the mosaic supplies that are required to produce these patterns. However in some cases we have some stock of the more popular designs, simply contact us to discuss your requirements. There is a major distinction that must be pointed out in regards to the mosaic patterns, we supply both the tiles and pre-fabricated mosaic panels. Patterns that are pre-fabricated means that you can purchase directly the assembled 30cm x 30cm panels, they are ready to adhere to your chosen surface, be it a wall, floor or otherwise. If we dont stock your pattern then we are able to supply you with the tiles and pattern design so that you can create your own panels.

As mentioned before you can pre-order our designs in 30cm x 30cm sections ready for application to the appropriate surface of your choice. Or you can make the mosaic pattern panels yourself and we can provide the materials, this is usually the cheaper option. Utilizing pre-built sections such as these provides a hassle free way to mosaic large areas where the mosaic pattern repeats. Of course we can also accommodate any design you wish, below are some examples of patterns used recently. If you have a particular pattern in-mind then please send us your ideas, we do have other patterns available as well.

We have been commissioned to provide many mosaic art patterns, some clients decide to enjoy the art of mosaics and complete the work on their own. Others prefer for us to get a quote from our factory. It is usually cheaper to create the mosaics using one of our ‘do it yourself’ kits, these kits provide everything you will need to create your own masterpiece. We provide the tiles, mosaic nylon backing mesh, glue & instructions, for mosaic patterns that are larger than 1m x 1m we provide the tile trays as well. Contact us for a quote. For further examples of work please see the following pages: pool mosaics, roman mosaics, outdoor mosaics.

We do also sell mosaic patterns for kids which are suitable for children 3 years and over, the mosaic tiles are micro size so its best that the hobby is done under supervision. We have a number of designs available.

The patterns in this article can be applied to most surfaces, indoor and outdoor, so its really your choice how you decide to use them.