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Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Are you looking for bathroom tile ideas? Our mosaic tiles are a certified building material and will not chip, crack or fade, they are even chemical resistant. Our ceramic mosaic tiles can be used indoor or outdoors, on the wall or floor of wet areas, they are very versatile.

Ok, so lets discuss some bathroom tile ideas:

  • Create a custom mosaic tile freeze running down your wall and across the floor, our tiles are perfect for this. Lets say you have all white tiles, why not create a line of red mosaics about 20cm thick running down your wall. Would help to break up the room and it looks very striking.
  • Another bathroom tile idea might be to create a modern and contemporary design for your wall or behind the spa. Just think neo-classical vogue, an attractive mosaic; perhaps roman design; inlaid into the wall.
  • What about using mosaic tiles behind the basins as an ornate¬†splash-back, you may only wish to use a band of tiles between larger ones, the effect is always great.
There are so many ways to use our mosaics, we also offer a FREE image service, now you can visualize your mosaic patterns or designs before you create them.