JH Mosaics continues to be at the forefront of the high quality ceramic mosaic market. Our micro ceramic glazed mosaic tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; commercial and home use. We stock a large range of mosaic products and have everything that you will need to start creating mosaic artworks. Our tiles are perfect for domestic projects at home such as an elegant wall hanging, fountain feature, bathroom makeover, traditional outdoor mosaics and many other applications.

Because our tiles are micro in size (0.97cm x 0.97cm), the end result artwork is vibrant and well detailed. The tiles are also suitable for large scale presentation, to name a few, subways, railway stations, pools, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs or anywhere where a touch of brilliant artwork and colour is required.

JH Mosaics specializes in image mosaics and patterns, we can transform any photograph or image into a mosaic artwork, it could be your favourite holiday, pets, car, loved ones, sporting team, anything at all. You simply need to provide us with the image. Then, several ‘mock’ mosaic images will be produced, you will have complete freedom to modify any colours in order to achieve the look and feel that you desire.

We only use our high quality fade, crack, chip and scratch resistant micro mosaic tiles which have been industry certified as a building material.