Creating mosaics is a pastime that goes back centuries to when the ancient greek and romans used the artform as a means of decoration. But today, modern mosaics is thriving and so many options exist, from different tile sizes, to different techniques. The end result, is always the same, a beautiful piece of artwork that can be applied to many different types of surfaces and in many kinds of environments. Our process is streamlined and removes any need to assemble the mosaics, there is no tile cutting involved. We assemble finished panels in 30cm sections which go together onto the surface of your choice like a giant puzzle.

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Looking for Pool Mosaics?

What we do? Custom Premade Mosaics


    Step 1

    We start projects by custom designing your mosaic based on an image of your choice. Send us any image and we can turn it into a beautiful mosaic!


    Step 2

    Each mosaic artwork we create is tailor made to suit your application. We need the width and height of the mosaic. Fit the image to the final size without distortion.


    Step 3

    We provide a quote for your design which includes full assembly (in 30cm x 30xcm panels) and delivery of your mosaic.


    Step 4

    You provide a deposit for your design, our factory starts to hand assemble the mosaic panels. We send you progress images at the half way point.


    Step 5

    Depending on size and complexity, our process normally takes 2 weeks from inception, design, build and finally delivery to your door.