Mosaic Supplies

For mosaic supplies look no further than JH Mosaics, we have been distributing mosaic tiles online for many years. We are most proud of our ceramic mosaic tiles range and we can assure you they are of the highest quality and contain only the richest pigments. The end result is a very versatile and incredible looking tile that will stand the test of time. The tiles are U.V, scratch, water, chemical and fade resistant, they will also not chip or crack as easily as other mosaic products. They have been awarded the CE & ISO certifications and are classed as a building material.

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Mosaic Kits & Artworks
Order a mosaic kit and start a work of art, its cost effective and easy, we will give you all the materials needed. You can choose from our existing designs or make your own picture using our free mosaic picture service.

If you can imagine it, then its possible. Our mosaic products are suitable for a range of applications. We sell and manufacture larger mosaic panels (30cm x 30cm) for direct application onto walls and floors, etc. We provide a number of mosaic patterns and mosaic designs that will add style and colour. We provide a photo mosaic service, the idea is that you can turn any digital image into a mosaic artwork. The process is quick and easy and the final dimensions can be tailored to your requirements. Imagine creating a mosaic of your family or pet, the options are endless, you just need to use your imagination. For mosaic tiles Melbourne, look no further, we have a huge range of single colours and mixtures, just contact us for more further information.

Our micro mosaic tile features include:

  • Square tile dimensions are 0.97cm x 0.97cm
  • Curved glazed surface
  • Micro size tiles
  • Huge range of colours
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Also suitable for wet areas if special anti-slip treatment is applied
  • Will not chip, crack or fade and they are chemical resistant