Free Mosaic Patterns

Mosaics should be enjoyed by everyone, thats why we offer FREE Mosaic Patterns to all our visitors. We do not charge for our designs like many other mosaic websites / shops. You can download the mosaic image, number grid matrix, and tile counts. This gives you everything you need to start work on your own mosaic pattern. Our Free mosaic patterns are constantly being updated and new ones being added each month. So please come back to see whats new.

These patterns are designed to work with micro mosaic tiles, it just so happens that we sell ceramic micro mosaic tiles. Needless to say they are great quality and fit perfectly with any of these designs. If you wish to make your own pattern then submit it to us on our contact page.  If you are not happy with your current mosaic tile supplier then ask us for a quote, we sell tiles wholesale at very competitive prices, also check out our online shop.

Ok, you might be wondering how all of this fits together. Well firstly you can see a full resolution preview of the mosaic design, lets just call this the pattern image. When looking at this picture you should be able to spot each individual tile that makes up the artwork. This image helps you visualize how the final mosaic artwork will look.

The next few files are .csv files, they are designed to be viewed in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program.  The first file will list all of the tile colours used in the design, next to the mosaic tile colour code, you will see the count of tiles needed for this design.

This allows you to order precisely the number of tiles you need from our shop or other supplier. Just place the colour and quantity you need into the cart and checkout, you already have the other information, you just need the mosaic tiles to get started.

The final file, is the image matrix, this is perhaps the most important file. Every single tile that makes up the mosaic artwork is allocated a number, the number is found on the tile count file. You just need to place the correct coloured tile that corresponds with this number. We call it ‘paint by numbers’. Its easy, and once you get the hang of it, you will be done in no time at all. Anyway enough talking, lets check out some Free mosaic patterns below:

Image Pattern Tile Count Tile Matrix
SD220x164pcs  SD220x164  SD220x164 matrix
S112x94  S112x94  S112x94 matrix
K120x80pcs  K120x80pcs  K120x80pcs_matrix
PG129x73pcs_0001  PG129x73pcs  PG129x73pcs_matrix
D93x112  D93x112pcs  D93x112pcs matrix
B120x81pcs_0001 B120x81pcs B120x81pcs_matrix
B120x89pcs_0001  B120x89pcs  B120x89pcs_matrix
B120x93pcs_0001  B120x93pcs  B120x93pcs_matrix
B120x96pcs_0001  B120x96pcs  B120x96pcs_matrix
E120x94pcs  E120x94pcs  E120x94pcs_matrix
medusa_112x103_0001  medusa112x103  medusa_matrix
PG120x113pcs_0002  PG120x113pcs  PG_matrix120x113pcs
PG120x180pcs_0001  PG120x180pcs  PG120x180pcs_matrix