Mosaic Tiles Online

To see our entire range of colours – see mosaic supplies page We want to bring the joy of mosaics to you, no matter what your age, creating your own mosaic artwork is a relaxing and rewarding way to spend your free time. And at the end of the process you will have a beautiful colourful artwork […]

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History of Mosaics

The history of mosaics goes back some 4,000 years or more, with the use of terracotta cones pushed point-first into the background to give decoration. In the eighth century BC,  pebbles were used in pavements to give a textured look and feel, with different colored stones to create patterns, although they were mostly as unstructured […]

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Roman Mosaics

The art of ancient roman mosaics was actually derived through southern Italy from Greece and developed to a high standard. The Greeks most likely learned of this art from the Orient around the same time in which Rome was founded, around (8th Century BC). In the beginning mosaic work was limited to the laying of coloured […]

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Mosaic Design Direct Method
How to Make a Mosaic

How to make a mosaic — the three techniques There are three primary methods: the direct method, the indirect method and the double indirect method. Direct method The direct method of mosaic construction involves placing (adhering) the individual tesserae into the underlying surface. This method is most suited to surfaces that are not flat and […]

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Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom? Our mosaic bathroom tiles are perfect for the job, they add class, sophistication and sleek looks. If you are stuck for bathroom ideas then we can help. You could add a generic pattern at about eye level, as a band running around the bathroom. Forget trying to find ceramic […]

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Outdoor Mosaic

Our mosaic products are all suitable for outdoor applications. We have seen our tiles used on fountain features, decorative paths, outdoor seating, swimming pools, wall features, etc. Do you have a dull spot in the garden? Do you wish you could bring light and colour to that area whilst enjoying the art of mosaics? We have […]

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Bathroom Tiles Ideas

Are you looking for bathroom tile ideas? Our mosaic tiles are a certified building material and will not chip, crack or fade, they are even chemical resistant. Our ceramic mosaic tiles can be used indoor or outdoors, on the wall or floor of wet areas, they are very versatile. Ok, so lets discuss some bathroom […]

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Pool Mosaics

I got thinking recently exactly how many pool mosaics designs that we had supplied for customers. And I almost lost count, so in an effort to share these fantastic pool mosaic designs I thought I would post some of the images. Transform your swimming pool with these amazing pool mosaic designs. The detail that you […]

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Mosaic Software

Mosaic software refers to the recent creation of computer software that enables the artist to generate mosaic patterns and designs from digital images. This type of mosaic software usually requires several inputs before a mosaic pattern can be generated. Firstly the artists mosaic tile colour spectrum needs to be loaded. Images are uploaded in the […]

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Mosaic Tile

What is a mosaic tile and how can it be applied and used as an art-form? What is mosaic? Mosaic tiles are usually made from glass or ceramic, they can be big or small, and are available in all the colours of the rainbow. The tiles can be glued onto flexible nylon mesh for easy application and […]

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Mosaic Tables

Beautiful mosaic tables are very possible using our tiles, if the correct grout and mosaic tile patterns are chosen then the end result is nothing short of spectacular. Two varieties of mosaic tables are displayed here, wooden and metal tables, both look stunning and are a complement to any garden or indoor setting. The actual […]

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Mosaic Pictures

Mosaic pictures describes just one of the FREE services that we offer. Have you got a favorite family photo? Have you got the perfect picture of your pet? We can take any of your digital photographs and turn them into mosaic pictures. “Add a touch of colour to your life” with our micro mosaic tiles. As you can […]

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School Mosaic Project

Our mosaic tiles are very versatile and can be used in small and large scale projects. A few years back we had the great pleasure of decorating a school outdoor theater area, thousands upon thousands of our micro mosaic tiles were used here and the level of detail is simply astonishing. The large central image […]

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Swimming Pool Projects

A collection of swimming pool mosaic projects that we have done recently. You have several options when using our mosaic tiles in your swimming pool. The best result is always using our tiles throughout the pool, floor and walls, so that a seamless integration can be made between murals and tiles. However, a framed design […]

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Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic patterns are images or repetitive illustrations created from mosaic tiles. A mosaic pattern can be created in a number of ways, generally a pattern suggests multiple tile sections that are placed together to form a single artwork. Mosaic tile patterns can be created using our custom panels, each panel measures 30cm x 30cm, these panels […]

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